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Sickness Certificates

If you are sick for less than six days you may claim either sickness benefit (if self employed or unemployed) or statutory sick pay (if you have worked for an employer long enough).

Sickness benefit can be claimed using form SC1 available from DSS offices and statutory sick pay using form SC2 available from your employer. Both these forms cover you until the seventh day of illness. If you are sick for seven days or more, you will have to be seen by a doctor to obtain a sick certificate.

Each subsequent certificate will need to be obtained by seeing a doctor until you return to work (although your GP may provide a certificate without seeing you if a hospital doctor has been treating you).

If you require a sick certificate for an illness lasting less than seven days this will be considered a private arrangement and a charge will, therefore, be made.

Lists of all current charges are on display in all the waiting areas.

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