Clinics and Services

Practice Based Clinics and Other Services

Our Reception staff would be happy to advise you of all the services we offer. Some of them shown here:

Clinic or Services Run By Clinics Times and Availability
Antenatal and Postnatal Clinic Midwife Thursday 09:40-12:40
Childhood Immunisation Nurses Wednesday 13:30-15:15
Community Eye Clinic Dr A Zaidi Tuesday Morning
COPD Clinic Dr A Zaidi Monthly
Diabetic Clinic Nurses Everyday
NHS Health Checks Nurses Everyday
Asthma Nurse Mary Remedios and Tracey Rowe Everyday
Psychology and Stress Management Amali Hapugoda Wednesday 13:30-16:00
Dietician Debbie Schwartz Thursday 13:30-16:15
WDP Clinics (Drug and Alcohol) Mr Mark Hammond Thursdays Monthly
Minor Operations Dr Zaidi Monday
Travel Immunisation Nurses Everyday
Flu Vaccination Nurses During the Flu season- contact reception

Contraceptive Advice

Contraceptive advice is available from your own Doctors during Normal Surgery Hours.