Patient Participation Group

Ground Rules

The PPG meetings will take place at least three times a year and will meet at the Northwick Surgery.

  • The PPG is not a forum for individual complaints and single issues as there are other procedures for supporting patients with these concerns
  • The PPG advocate open and honest communication and challenge between individuals
  • The PPG will be flexible, listen, ask for help and support each other
  • The PPG will demonstrate a commitment to delivering results as a group
  • Silence should indicate agreement – Speak up. Any comment should go through the Chair
  • All views are valid and will be listened to
  • No phones or other disruptions
  • The PPG will start and finish on time and stick to the agreed agenda

Our Members

Our members are:

  • Priti Bodani – Chair
  • Sheilah Lowe – secretary
  • Sania Sehbai
  • Helen Shorter
  • Sylvia Farooqi
  • Margaret Bristow
  • Daphne Sutherland
  • Anjuman Khanam
  • Saroj Kale
  • Barbara Whyley
  • Alice Gran

Core Values of the Practice

Respect and Compassion

We Want to Make Sure We Treat People with Dignity and Understanding

  • Be kind, compassionate, friendly and respectful
  • Be responsive to individual’s needs and circumstances
  • Actively listening and demonstrating empathy
  • Providing a safe environment for patients and staff
  • Acting promptly to raise concerns

Engagement and Involvement

We Aim to Involve Our Community in Making Decisions About What We Do

  • Be open minded when we listen
  • Be active in seeking feedback and views
  • Contributing to a climate of fairness and equality
  • Communicating well
  • Learning from people’s experience
  • Involving others in active discussion

Improvement and Development

To Ensure Our Services Continue to develop to Make the Best Use of Resources

  • Be open to change and innovation
  • Be responsible for making change happen so we can deliver benefits for patients and staff
  • Be bold and identify better way of doing things
  • Sharing best practice to improve our services
  • Measuring improvement
  • Identifying in our learning and development

Working Together

We Want to Work as a Team to Provide Good Quality, Safe Patient Care

  • Be responsible for our actions
  • Value our colleagues
  • Striving to do our best
  • Respecting our colleagues
  • Giving praise where praise is due
  • Investing in our learning development

Meeting Minutes

Patient Participation Group Ground Rules