Clinical Pharmacist in General Practices

Pharmacists are Health Care Professionals focusing on safe and effective use of medicines. A Clinical Pharmacist works directly with the healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive medication management that optimise patient care.

Clinical Pharmacist is part of the Pharmacy Pilot introduced by NHS England. The pilot involves clinical pharmacist working in general practice in conjunction with GPs. In this role, the clinical pharmacist assesses medication related needs by the followings:

  • Reviewing medical records to determine clinical status of the patient.
  • Meeting with the patient face-to-face, through telephone consultation or letters.
  • Obtaining, organising and interpreting patient data.
  • Prioritising patient problems and medication related needs.
  • Audit works on medicine optimisation and cost effective prescribing

Mrs Kamini Marvadi is the Clinical Pharmacist who is also an Independent Pharmacist Prescriber working at The Northwick Surgery.

She works three days a week at the Northwick Surgery. She is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Also runs face to face clinic on Tuesday and Friday Afternoon. Her current role in the practice includes:

  • Telephone consultation related to medications and prescription queries
  • Repeat prescription authorization
  • New patient registration on repeat medicines
  • Blood test request authorization
  • Medication reviews of the patients following discharge from the hospital and reconciliation
  • Poly-pharmacy clinic which involves face-to-face medication reviews of patients who are on seven or more repeat medications
  • Face-to-face review and management of BP & Type 2 diabetes medication
  • Chronic pain management clinic to review, manage and prescribing of pain medication
  • Medication reviews of drugs such as anticoagulants and DMARDs
  • Advise to patients on prescribing of specials including gluten-free products, oral nutritional supplement review as per national guidelines
  • Able to perform clinical examinations such as BP, pulse, Urinalysis, blood glucose, height, weight, BMI & temperature